What should be noted that acrylic signs screen printing

2021-03-25 14:59:14 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Plexiglass (acrylic) material science called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), is a member of a large family of plastic, it is a big hardness, good toughness, both bonding, but also thermoplastics screen printing. It is not only in the advertising production industry worth a hundred times, but also the industrial, military and other fields irreplaceable parts manufacturing materials

Plexiglass screen printing plate segment should focus on:

Can not copy Zhengyang or anti-male film film with a laser printout or sulfuric acid paper is issued instead must be professional factory output, each output to multiple output a blank film with a positioning crosshair. When the copy, first blank crosshairs film with transparent tape fixed on the glass, other color film should be as a basis, so that drying out of the screen in order to maintain a consistent position

2. imports fine mesh screen production, importing high resolution must be selected sensitive adhesive and a high tension low stretch rate.

3. The printing inks should be used in high-gloss, abrasion plexiglass ink, especially when you are not using the matte surface printing ink, because the ink does not rub, the color is not bright. Light boxes and signage for outdoor, but also the use of imported good lightfastness ink, to resist the strong light, extending its life.

4. color screen printing, screen printing is generally by virtue of experience to master, due to the different mesh screen used in each of the first order, the photosensitive film thickness is not the same, often resulting cast of printed materials, "bucket color ink allowed, on the plate after scraping see true face "is indicative of this truth. Therefore, the order must be carried out every batch of test samples proofing and printing played a good screen, the customer is confirmed consistent with the original color, in order to enter the formal printing.

5. The large-format painting must screen printing presses, ink pad printing small format available suction. Printing process, should remain consistent six: ① multicolor screen network distance should be consistent; ② squeegee speed consistent; ③ squeegee pressure consistent; ④ ink viscosity consistent; ⑤ manual squeegee blade size when hardness consistency; ⑥ pressroom temperature and humidity consistent.

6. The double-sided organic board signs can be used transparent plate, using anti-Indian way, to be completed by printing, and then overprint the background layer, then two pieces glued together, the adhesive must be used between two pieces of silk does not rot ink rubber.

7. multicolor overprint, in order to ensure the accuracy of overlay, to ensure the graphic version without changing the size, the size of the other version can be appropriately scaled (scaling size should not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.3mm). When printing, press shallow depth edition version, facsimile edition compression release version, so that when the organic crop allowed to board size or put artificial time positioning block adapter plate and poor can overlay accuracy.

8. plexiglass sheet surface often a lot of static and dust, as dust adheres to the screen will cause text and color defects, appear waste. Thus, the printing must be in a clean and dust-free room. Can be divided into two steps to remove surface dirt first with a damp cotton cloth to remove surface dust, then brush with a roller brush electrostatic dust or dust remove residual dust. When printing, print side edge inspection, if found problems in a timely manner to clean up after the screen, then print.

9. General and medium-sized shopping malls products (jewelry, cosmetics, watches) advertising display racks and pursue more matte finish, to set off the bright and colorful goods. Then we can use matte board or use plain plate or a transparent plate processing direct printing inks sand surface, until the ink dried, it can present a sense of sand matte finish.

10. PMMA (acrylic) sheet size cut to be consistent, to each corner should be 90 °. When the multi-color overprint or four-color printing, should be used in porcelain white or transparent plexiglass (acrylic) sheet. White porcelain for a positive print, the transparent plate can be printed front and back.

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