The difference acrylic sheet and glass sheet

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Like acrylic glass can be made into sheets and other materials, and have good light transmission, if the naked eye, the two seems to be no two different. We can also see both the figure in the Household furniture, such as tanks and other furniture, and often can not distinguish acrylic glass. = Acrylic glass? Today, small series to tell you the difference between acrylic and glass are what it? We work together to understand it!

First, the difference between acrylic and glass - a material difference

The difference between acrylic and glass What? First we look at the material difference between the two. Acrylic is usually when they were called PMMA, chemical called poly (methyl methacrylate), essentially with two plexiglass no different. In fact, the acrylic is a thermoplastic material decoration style, is a polymer extracted from a deep-sea oil. Many performance and plexiglass acrylic plastic that is similar to, but more stable performance, quality and more high-end.

Glass is baked by a large number of silicate material transparent solid substances, the chemical composition of the glass is generally Na2O · CaO · 6SiO2, the main ingredient is silica. Therefore, glass and acrylic, as distinguished from the same polymer plexiglass, which is plastic. In addition, adding some metal oxide or salt chemicals, it can be transparent colored glass ordinary glass into a glass with ingredients and, if the color of the glass sub-picture Daquan like. At the same time, they can also be fired into the glass in some way.

Second, the difference between acrylic and glass - the difference between the characteristics of

The difference between acrylic and glass What? We look at the difference between the two properties. High transparency acrylic, along with good chemical stability, and ease of dyeing, more beautiful appearance. On transmittance, the translucent acrylic glass has the same performance capabilities, but only the same density acrylic glass transmittance generally seen acrylic material is very lightweight, as acrylic ceiling lampshades. Moreover, acrylic shatterproof shatterproof, hardness and strength are very good. In addition, acrylic staining by exogenous fuel, thereby producing different colors of acrylic products.

Transmittance glass and acrylic material into substantially the same, but easily broken, while the tip is very easy to hurt, usually playing to four weeks will be processed when the glass coffee table and other furniture styles. Better compression performance of glass, firing from home crafts and more beautiful. In addition, this glass is colorless and transparent, made of colored glass, please contact, we need to add chemical ingredients in their own firing, changing its chemical properties, and thus a "stain."

Third, the difference between acrylic and glass - the difference between the function

The difference between acrylic and glass What? Finally, we look at the functional difference. The use of acrylic glass are very extensive. For example, made into handicrafts, etc., or construction materials. However, this acrylic material with respect to the type of building materials, home improvement ruggedness shatterproof glass, it can be applied with more outdoor space, such as roads with noise barriers, billboards, mask, and other.

The glass, although fragile, but it is in light transmitting property and aesthetics are slightly better than the acrylic one chip, so we can see bright colors and colorful home decorative handicrafts made of glass, as well as high-rise buildings and vehicles are often equipped tempered glass, the main barrier to the wind light. But also in everyday life, the degree of use of acrylic glass extensive than many, including furniture, decorations and the like.

All these can be shown that is not equivalent to acrylic glass, whether material, features, or functions, we can not confuse the acrylic glass, acrylic is similar to glass, plastic and plexiglass nature, not glass, it needs to be treated differently. Using this information, whether you acrylic glass and have a deeper understanding of it?

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