Frosted acrylic features introduced

2021-03-25 15:10:09 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Frosted acrylic (PMMA) is a transparent plastic collectively as PS, PC, etc., in order to make the current business-oriented advertising companies which often are used to. Below, Xiaobian to introduce some of the features on frosted acrylic, take a look.

Frosted acrylic Features:

1, excellent transparency & excellent weather resistance

Colorless, transparent plexiglass plate light transmission rate of 92%; good performance good anti safe for use outdoors.

2, & good processing properties. Excellent overall performance.

Both for mechanical processing and easily thermal molded, frosted acrylic sheet can be dyed, the surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating.

3. Non-toxic, even with long-term exposure is also harmless to people, linear expansion coefficient of cast slab about 7x10-5m / m.K.

Frosted acrylic sizes and thickness:

Specifications: 1.22 * 2.44m, 1.22 * 1.83m, 1.25 * 2.5m, 2 * 3m;

Thickness: 1mm-50mm

Frosted acrylic plate uses:

PMMA with light, inexpensive, easy to shape and so it extremely versatile.

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