Acrylic sheet High glossy and decoration

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Acrylic sheet High glossy and decoration



JINBAO  PLASTIC CO.,LTD Was incorporated in the spring of 1996. .  Quality, Reliable, Professional is our policy.  As one of the China’s leading acrylic suppliers,JINBAO Plastics can accept custom size and color.



Cast acrylic plexiglass sheet is easier to process and it will not melt when cutting or fabricating. It polishes to a crystal clear clarity and is the superior brand for all types of projects. Cast acrylic plexiglass sheet is 10 times stronger than glass and half the weight!


100% virgin acrylic sheet can Saw Cutting, Laser Cutting & Etching, Routing, Welding, Drilling, Bending, Forming, Polishing, Gluing, Injection Molding & CNC Milling.



l  High-Gloss and highly transparent

l  UV-stable, weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor and indoor use

l  Modern look due to high-gloss layer of acrylic sheet.



highly transparent, with a transmission of 94%. When edge-lit with LED, JINBAO Acrylic sheet for LED glows evenly across the entire surface in the selected LED color. 


The UV-stable, weather-resistant material can be used both indoors and`s not fade color within 8-10 years.


JINBAO acrylic can be flexibly fabricated with the greatest of ease, and can even be slightly therm formed. Laser cut, Drilling and bend, also accept custom all kinds of color. Most use for furniture and decoration.

Jinbao Acrylic Sheet Products

Jinbao Acrylic Sheet Products

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Jinbao Acrylic Sheet Products

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