My acquaintance with Jinbao

2020-01-04 11:28:07 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

In 2014, I graduated from university and blindly looked for a job for two months. At that time I was very proud, do not want to bow. When I lost confidence, I met a person. He is gentle, kind, like the sun lit up my world, and I was in love the big boy. He kept encouraging me and giving me confidence, and soon I found a job.

Life went on, we worked hard, and two years later we bought a housefor marry. But since we bought the house, our life had changed, more and more quarrel, slowly I don't want to see him, although I missed him very much, I hated quarrel. Although we did not break up, but it has been more than a month i did not see him, the only exchange is only on WeChat. When I was ready to give up the relationship, he called me and said it was my birthday and he had a surprise for me. So in the evening I went to see him doubtfully, but he brought me to our new house. When I opened the door that moment, I was surprised, many things in the house, such as screen, wine cabinet, and other things, they were generous noble, very beautiful.He told me that the screen was made by PVC and the wine cabinet was made by acrylic sheet, both of them were environmental protection. Later, he said, in this period of time i left, he thought a lot about the past, he said that I remembered the yearning and longing for our hourse , he remembered the words I said at that time. At that time he met a brand--Jinbao plastic. He started browsing their website ( , and looked their beautiful products. Very soon he ordered some boards and asked them to help with the design. Jin bao's work efficiency was very high. And the workers in jinbao started making it, and it was finally delivered to our home by logistics before my birthday. I looked at these beautiful works of art and thought that they were really what I liked. We got married in two months and I think we will be happy forever. Later, he told me, thanks to JINBAO let us get together again, cherish each other. Happiness from now on, until the end of time!

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