What are the processing methods of acrylic sheet products?

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With the advancement of technology and the changes in people's living water and concepts, people are increasingly demanding a variety of acrylic products. Today, acrylic products, acrylic sheets, etc. can be widely processed into various acrylic products. Then, how is the acrylic sheet further processed, and what is the processing technology of the acrylic sheet?

 Interpretation of various acrylic sheet metal processing techniques and methods-Jinbao plastic  acrylic sheet

1 hot bending - open a small slot mold, the heating wire is suspended in it and connected to the heating transformer, adjust to a certain current, make the heating wire red, then put the acrylic plate on top for heating, after baking soft Hot bendable, the best sheet heating temperature is 100-110 ° C.


2 Mechanical polishing—To polish the edge of the sheet with a mechanical polisher, the edge of the sheet should be treated as flat as possible. Then, the polishing cloth is coated with polishing wax, and the sheet is gently pressed on the polishing wheel to push it back and forth evenly. At this point, it should be noted that the plate should not stay on the polishing wheel for a long time. Otherwise, the plate will be burnt and yellow, resulting in no light.


3 Flame polishing—After the saw is cut, the edge of the sheet is milled to remove the burrs, and then the edge of the sheet is thinned with water sand, and then polished with a flame polisher. Pay attention to the quick and balanced movement speed when polishing.


4 Thermoforming - using hot air circulation oven and hydraulic forming

Firstly, the formed light box piece or font should be opened in a ratio of one to one, then the mold is fixed on the hydraulic machine, and the plate is baked in an oven, and the plate is completely softened after about 8 to 10 minutes of baking. After that, it is quickly transferred to a pre-fixed mold and molded, and it can be demolded after about 10 minutes of cooling.


Different products, the acrylic sheet (plexiglass) processing technology and method used are different, specifically can pay attention to Jinbao plastic acrylic sheet processing and customization, also welcome direct calls for exchange consultation.

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