What are the factors that affect the service life of acrylic products?

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There are many types of acrylic sheet products, such as transparent plates, mirror plates, hollow plates, pearl plates, etc. Acrylic materials are being used in various application industries due to their excellent performance, becoming the material of some tasteful people. One. Among them, the service life and maintenance of acrylic sheet products have naturally become a topic of concern.


Analysis of factors affecting the service life of acrylic products-Jinbao acrylic products

The following small series gives you a detailed introduction to the factors that affect the service life of acrylic products.

1 Acrylic products daily use details

Although the acrylic product is harder than the glass and is not brittle, it is also afraid of falling, pressing, scratching, and scraping. If it is not used properly, it is easy to cause damage. This is an important cause of damage to acrylic sheets, display racks and other products directly; improper use and protection will greatly damage your acrylic products.

2 acrylic materials are good or bad

The factors that determine the grade and quality of acrylic products are naturally inseparable from the quality of the acrylic sheet material itself. Acrylic sheet has domestic and imported parts. The domestic color is yellowish and the quality is worse than that of imported. The products made with domestic acrylic can be used for 3 years without accidental normal use; the imported acrylic has high transparency. It has good weather resistance, so it is commonly used and acrylic crafts with high requirements. It can be used for about 10 years without accidental normal use.

3. Acrylic product use environment

The different use environments of acrylic products also have an impact on the service life of acrylic. For example, indoors generally have a longer service life than outdoor ones, and acrylic products used outdoors are more easily degraded by sun and rain. It should be noted that the ambient temperature of acrylic can not be too high, and the acrylic temperature will be slightly deformed when the ambient temperature is 80-95 degrees, so this kind of situation should be avoided.


The above is about the factors affecting the service life of acrylic products,Jinbao Acrylic products factory hope to help everyone.

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