How to distinguish inferior acrylic products?

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With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, acrylic materials have become a hot topic of application, and the problem of acrylic processing has also been highlighted. How to judge the quality and performance of acrylic sheet products has become a topic of concern to many people.


Acrylic transparent plates also have advantages and disadvantages. At present, there are many acrylic plates (return plates) made from recycled MMA monomers, compared with acrylic plates (new plates) made of pure new material MMA. The performance difference is obvious. Pure new material transparent acrylic sheet, transparent transparent acrylic sheet has excellent UV resistance, no yellowing for at least 5 years, no fading and loss of light; and the acrylic sheet is very poor in UV resistance, and will turn yellow in at most half a year. The light transmittance is more than 92%, the light transmittance is less than 86%, the cross section is yellow at the transparent colorless section, and the crack resistance and chemical resistance are excellent, and it is easy to crack...


Due to the insufficiency of people's understanding of acrylic recycled sheets and their low prices, reclaimed acrylic sheets still occupy a large market space in China. But it is foreseeable that as people learn more about acrylic materials, the living space of recycled boards will become smaller and smaller. Here are some simple ways to distinguish between recycled and new boards:


1. The appearance of the recycled plate is yellow, especially from the cross section.

2, the surface is easy to scratch, causing irritating odor when cutting

3. It is easy to generate bubbles and deformation during thermoforming heating.

4, sensitive to paint ink, prone to silver streaks and cracks

5. Foaming when burning, emitting black smoke and irritating smell


Through these simple identification methods, it is easy to distinguish the quality of the acrylic sheet material and avoid unnecessary losses.

Long-term performance of high-quality acrylic products:

As with all plastic materials, the impact resistance of acrylic products diminishes with decreasing temperature. High-quality acrylic sheets, usually made of high-quality raw materials and unique formulation technology, have excellent long-term outdoor performance. For light boxes and signage applications, the expected service life can exceed 10 years.


Simple identification of the quality of acrylic products can be tested by experiment. Summarized as: one look, two smells, three burns, four frictions. By looking at whether the fracture surface of the acrylic sheet is yellow, the advantages and disadvantages of the acrylic material can be seen; the feel is also the method of the advantages and disadvantages of the acrylic material.


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