Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic fish tanks compared to glass fish tanks

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As people continue to pursue a high and straight life, fish farming has become an indispensable part of many people's office environment. Fish represents wealth and luck. For the environment of fish farming, more and more people now choose to use acrylic fish tanks, which are not only beautiful and beautiful, but also safer and lighter than ordinary glass.

In addition to these, acrylic fish tanks have many advantages. Of course, acrylic fish tanks are not perfect. Today, Xiaobian will give you an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic fish tanks and ordinary glass fish tanks.

Acrylic fish tanks have obvious advantages over ordinary glass fish tanks, making acrylic tanks a choice for fish lovers.


(1) Acrylic fish tank: plexiglass, commonly used in aquariums, fish tanks of various shapes, etc.

Strengths: good light transmission, transparency can reach 92%, so many people call him "plastic crystal." The light weight is able to be formed at one time, that is, the aquarium we often see is one-piece, and there is no gap interface for secondary bonding. It has good surface hardness and gloss, is easy to process, has good toughness, is safe, and is not easy to break.

Disadvantages: easy to scratch, low wear resistance. Generally, acrylic sheets can't stand the "torture of the years". When they are long, they will have slender scratches. Although they are very beautiful and light at the beginning, there will be more and more slender damage, which will affect the viewing. Pretty. And once the bottom sand is used, the same will cause wear on the bottom of the fish tank. (Of course, imported high-grade acrylic also said).


(2) Ordinary glass fish tank: that is, our common glass, also called float glass.

Strengths: Transparency is OK, of course, no acrylic. When applied to a fish tank, it does not go away and is attributed to the traditional type of commonly used materials. The temperature of the cigarette butt is still able to resist, and the hardness is large, which can effectively avoid scratches.

Disadvantages: easy to break. The weight is heavier and it is not easy to move. As a traditional fish tank information, it is the preferred target of the economic supremacy. Because it is cheap and durable. Although the weight is heavy.

Acrylic material is superior to glass material in terms of its good light transmittance and weather resistance and toughness. It makes acrylic not only replace the traditional glass material used in the selection of aquarium materials, but also acrylic sheet products. It is widely used in the field of furniture materials, decorations and other fields.

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