Precautions when using and storing acrylic sheet products

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When it comes to acrylic sheets, everyone is familiar. Nowadays, the common decorations, display products and architectural products in life are filled with the shadow of acrylic sheet products. When people enjoy and use the excellent light transmission performance, weather resistance, aesthetic performance and other experience of acrylic sheet products, they also care about a topic, that is, what should be paid attention to when using acrylic sheet products, how to maintain, how to store, etc. . The following small series will be popularized and reviewed for everyone.


Precautions when using  acrylic sheet productsPrecautions when  store acrylic sheet products

Acrylic use and cleaning precautions:

The surface of the acrylic sheet is smooth and delicate. In general, even if stains appear, the method of care should not be excessively used to avoid scratching. It is only necessary to use a simple towel or a non-woven fabric to wipe. Special care should be taken to avoid the use of steel balls. Wait for a hard brush to test the acrylic material, thus affecting the gloss of the board itself.

In addition, the neutral surface of the acrylic sheet is also required to avoid the use of acid-alkaline solvents, so as not to affect the quality of acrylic.


Storage of acrylic sheet products:

The storage of optical grade plates should be kept at a constant temperature and humidity. The temperature should be controlled at about 25 °C and the humidity should be controlled at about 50%. Do not expose to the place where the sun is closed or leaking. Place it in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible; clean the dust regularly.


The above small series summarizes the characteristics and performance of the acrylic sheet material itself, and pays attention to the use and storage of acrylic. To understand the performance characteristics of acrylic materials, please click on the "Accelerated Sheet Features" for detailed understanding, or click the message box to consult.

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