What are the precautions when using acrylic sheets in installation?

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Acrylic sheets are becoming more and more widely used in our daily lives. Many companies are now using acrylic sheet products, the most common one being the company's large seamless fish tank, or the company's signage.

Especially for some dealers, etc., all purchased acrylic sheets need to be further installed or processed. In view of the characteristics of acrylic sheets, acrylic sheets need to be protected from scratches and regular cleaning during installation or use. In addition to cleaning, acrylic sheets have many precautions when installed. Today, Xiaobian will share with you what are the precautions for the acrylic board during installation.

  acrylic board installation precautions

1, acrylic plate surface temperature requirements. We use acrylic sheet products, mainly for its good transparency and gloss, etc., and have a relatively high-end image; therefore, it requires high correlation performance for him, and if the temperature is too high, it will cause the acrylic sheet to be easily deformed, etc. . The temperature of the free acrylic sheet should not exceed 90 degrees Celsius when installed.

2, Acrylic sheet hardness is limited, its hardness is equivalent to aluminum, so when the acrylic sheet is transported and installed, avoid bumps and scratches. If there are scratches, the acrylic sheet will affect the overall effect of the display, and the polishing method should be used to remove scratches on the surface.

3, Acrylic sheet is easy to generate static electricity, so when transporting or not using, it is generally necessary to cover with a protective film or protective paper to avoid scratching. Usually wipe with a clean cotton cloth and a certain concentration of soap and water.

4,When installing and using, if you need to fix the self-tapping self-drilling nail directly on the acrylic plate, the hole should be reamed. The diameter of all the holes should be larger than the diameter of the bolt, leaving the thermal expansion and contraction clearance; therefore, when the material is opened, The hole diameter must be 50% larger than the diameter of the screw. Avoid locking the screw in the bent part to avoid cracking; and fill the gap of the fixed drill with a neutral sealant.


The above is a small series of questions about the need to pay attention to the installation of acrylic plates, I hope to help everyone!Jinbao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.  is a large-scale comprehensive service enterprise specializing in the design and production of plexiglass products, acrylic products and acrylic processing. It can provide customers with bulk ordering of acrylic sheets of various specifications and colors, and can also provide customized sheets for customers. Product processing. Welcome to inquire.

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