The characteristics of the acrylic sheet are suitable for use in the decoration

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With the maturity of the decoration materials. Nowadays, the decoration materials of the decoration industry are also rich and colorful. Among them, the share of acrylic decorative panels and acrylic decoration fields has gradually expanded. Common such as acrylic fish tanks, acrylic window, acrylic decorative table, acrylic wall and so on.


Application of acrylic sheet in home decoration and furniture window

So why is acrylic applied more and more widely in the field of decoration now? This has an important relationship with the characteristics of the acrylic sheet itself and the advantages compared with ordinary glass. Acrylic has become a special plexiglass, a PMMA polymer with good transparency, chemical stability and hardness, while ordinary glass or plexiglass has low hardness, brittleness or deformation, etc. Therefore, acrylic sheet The product has the advantage that ordinary glass or even ordinary plexiglass is incomparable.


So, what are the characteristics of acrylic sheet in the application of decorative materials?

 1. The weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance of the acrylic sheet are good, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis will not occur in the sun and rain. It can also be used outdoors.

 2, acrylic plate light transmission of up to 92%, impact resistance is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, very suitable for installation in unsafe areas.

 3, with the advantages of colorful, plasticity, high recoverability and easy maintenance, you can customize the color and shape of the furniture that the exclusive director likes according to the owner's wishes.


The various performance advantages of acrylic sheets are a major driving force for acrylic sheets to enter the decoration market today. In addition to acrylic tables and chairs, acrylic windows, acrylic photo frames, etc., acrylic can also be used for outdoor decoration such as window display, lighting cover, advertising applications can be used for light boxes, signs, display racks, traffic applications can be used for trains, cars and other vehicle doors and windows, civil bathroom facilities, Crafts, brackets, aquariums, lighting for fluorescent lamps, street lamp covers, etc.


For more questions about the acrylic sheet in the field of decoration, as well as the customization of acrylic furniture, please leave a message.

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