What are the specific application areas of acrylic sheets ?

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 In recent years, acrylic sheets have been widely used in our lives. Acrylic sheets have high transparency and a light transmittance of 93%. They are known as “plastic crystals” and have excellent weather resistance, especially for the construction industry. In fact, the research and development and use of acrylic plates has been more than a hundred years old. Acrylic sheets are now available everywhere in our lives.

So what are the specific applications of acrylic sheets? Next, Jinbao Plastics Xiaobian will take everyone to understand where the acrylic sheets are applied.

the application areas of acrylic sheets 

Application of acrylic products:

   1. Architectural use: shop windows, soundproof windows and doors, lighting masks, telephone booths, etc.

   2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signboards, signs, display stands, etc.

   3. Traffic applications: doors and windows of trains, cars, etc.

   4. Medical use: baby care box, various surgical medical equipment, civilian products: sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, stents, aquarium, etc.

   5. Industrial use: instruments, panels, covers, etc.

   6. Lighting applications: fluorescent lights, chandeliers, street lamp covers, etc.

   7. Household: fruit bowls, tissue boxes, acrylic art and other household products

Here is a summary of the small series, the application industry and field of acrylic sheet are carved, decorated, handicraft, extruded type is usually used for advertising signs, light boxes and so on.

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