Expand the use of acrylic sheet

2021-03-25 14:31:00 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Acrylic is one of the materials commonly used in our advertising industry, its main function for the following:

1, by the impact of their own advantages, acrylic texture itself easy, inexpensive, easy to shape and so on. And molding methods varied, such as the most commonly used casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming, etc., and can be mass-forming method according to form, the model processing, reducing manufacturing costs, is used in processing equipment parts, car lights, optical lenses, etc.

2, acrylic unmatched high brightness, good toughness, not damaged; repair strong, called following the manufacture of ceramic sanitary ware can best new material. With manufacturing acrylic sanitary ware, with easy to wipe, soft texture and other characteristics

3, advertising applications: acrylic boxes, acrylic plastic characters signs, signage, acrylic display stand this Needless to say, each of the first door signs streets or large public signs acrylic products are alternatives

4, construction traffic applications: windows, soundproof windows, dome, telephone booths, trains, automobiles and other vehicles doors and windows

5, medical applications: infant incubators, a variety of surgical medical devices civilian goods: sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, stents, and other aquarium

6, industrial applications: surface of the instrument panel and cover, etc.

7, lighting applications: Fluorescent, chandeliers, lampshades Street.

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