How to identify renewable acrylic sheet and 100% pure new acrylic sheet

2021-03-25 14:35:44 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Pure new material acrylic board and board of renewable simple distinction between distinction and identification methods:

1, pure new material transparent acrylic plate: A: transmittance greater than 92%, the section of the transparent colorless B: excellent UV resistance, outdoor 5- 8 years without fading, loss of gloss, yellowing, cracking C: high surface hardness, and aluminum and brass fairly D: resistance to cracking and excellent chemical resistance E: high-quality protective film to provide adequate protection.

2, regrind regeneration plate transparent acrylic plate: A: transmittance less than 86%, the section of the yellow B: UV resistance is very poor, up to six months will yellowing under sunlight prone to cracks C: low surface hardness, easy to scratch D: easy to crack E: protect the poor film quality, easy to aging deterioration. Identification methods: 1, back to the new material regeneration board: A: regeneration plate appearance yellowing. B: easy to scratch the surface, the cutting is irritating odor. C: thermoforming heating, air bubbles easily deformed. D: paint, ink sensitive, prone to crazing or cracking. E: During a fire, smoke and blistering issued pungent odor.

3, pure new material acrylic board: A: pure color regeneration plate appearance, seen in cross section is particularly evident. B: excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, cutting is non-irritating odor. C: thermoforming heating, not prone to bubbles and deformation. D: paint, ink adaptability and stability. E: When burning, no blistering no smoke no smell.

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