Acrylic plastic Five Points

2021-03-25 14:39:25 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Acrylic plastic molding 5 points: In recent years, with the rapid development of the price of outdoor advertising industry as well as acrylic plate acrylic plate molding equipment and products, lowered the number of applications and acrylic sheet plastic identification products increased rapidly. Today functional acrylic sheet plastic molding equipment better, more stable performance, while the production level acrylic sheet plastic identification products are increasingly high requirements, here we have a brief acrylic sheet plastic molding.

1, the principle of the use of acrylic sheet acrylic sheet plastic molding good thermo-forming properties, high temperature (140-180 ℃) soften, then put some external pressure (8-12 tons), making it the required shape or exhibit text, and finally cooled (3-5min) to room temperature stereotypes.

2, the production of acrylic sheet plastic molding process renderings → → mold plastic molding production → → post-processing installation.

3, the acrylic sheet plastic molding plane-arc shape classification word three-dimensional characters.

4, the acrylic sheet plastic molding materials, tools and supplies ready acrylic sheet (thickness 3mm or 5mm, depending on the shape or size of the word), MDF (thickness 10-15mm, depending on the shape of the word or thickness), wood ( thickness 30 * 40mm), cold rolled sheet (thickness 0.8mm-2mm, depending on the shape or size of the word), aluminum alloy, pump / air guns / air nailing, cutting machine acrylic plastic machine [], jig saw, , hand drill, angle grinder, sander, hand engraving machine (double-edged cutter, fillet knife, V-type knife), manual machine revenue side (double-edged cutter, fillet knife), semi-circular file, flat file , triangular file, emery cloth, hook knife, wallpaper knife, double-sided sponge rubber, putty, steel ruler, tape measure, pencil, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, chloroform, syringes, glass sealant gun.

5, the acrylic plate plastic molding mold making material selection: MDF (when conventional shape and word production mold thickness should be controlled within 3cm, the female die edge width should not be less than 5cm) male die: word or shape required performance known as the male mold. Female die: the rest of the secondary manifestations known as the female mold. The thickness of the female die in any case must be greater than the male mold plus acrylic sheet thickness or the thickness of the finished plastic. Fully consistent with the size of the female mold plastic finished size, equal to the size of the male mold plastic finished size minus twice the engraving tool diameter. The gap between male and female molds used should be based on the thickness of the acrylic sheet by selecting different diameters carving knives to control various gaps. Use 3mm thickness acrylic sheet using ¢ 4mm MDF engraving tool using 5mm thickness acrylic sheet using ¢ 6mm MDF carving knives. Molding mold thickness less than 2cm after carving and complete required rasp emery cloth will handle the corners, not cut in order to achieve a soft acrylic sheet shall prevail smooth and plastic molding; molding mold thickness of 2cm or more after the completion of the carving rounding processing must be made manually install fillet knife engraving machine, and then and then rasp emery cloth for further processing. Bottom panel with one word plastic molding mold, the shape of the word or nailed to the male mold carved a male die plate, along the edge of the word and the bottom of the contact by hand at regular intervals of not more than 2.5mm diameter drill hit empty , with a file and emery cloth for further processing.

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