Transparent acrylic sheet bonding technique

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Acrylic plate bonding technique is very important, and now introduce some common bonding process:

First, the facade adhesive facade adhesive is the most widely used bonding technology, universal use in the production of acrylic products. First, a surface to be bonded should be wiped clean. Cam to achieve the best use of the adhesive, the adhesive was not shaking, improve the quality of bonding. A thickness of less than 3mm acrylic sheet adhesive can be injected with a syringe grams Nippon adhesive directly from one side uniform and slow to complete the bonding. Acrylic adhesive plate thickness greater than 3mm can pad into fine wire, bonded by capillary action completed before the curing of the adhesive out of wire, or can be used to not have to stick to the site taped protection, leaving adhesive coated parts with an adhesive, and then ramp into the acrylic plate out of the bubble can be.

Second, the docking, the docking place for an acrylic plate two level platform, collapse, and a sticky tape at the bottom, leaving a wide gap of not more than 0.3mm to prepare Hang adhesive coating. Chris states with a syringe from the cracks in the adhesive evenly injected from the side slowly until all filled, to be completely cured after the tape can be thrown off.

Third, the bonding plane, the plane is a special bonding method. First will be sticky surface wipe clean and horizontally placed in the above note on the appropriate amount of grams state legislature products. The diagonal side contacting another piece of acrylic plate is coated with adhesive on acrylic, and even slow down, from one side of the bubble extruded complete bonding.

Fourth, the ramp bonding, bonding must ramp cam angle of 90 degrees, in order to prevent the sticky surface displacement. Note g Libang coating adhesive should be uniform, slow. After curing can be completely removed by the mold.

V. Notes

1, the adhesive can often etched surface acrylic plate, and left traces, so you can use self-adhesive stickers without adhesive way to protect the site.

2, grease, dust or pores are uniform coating and bonding difficult to leave the bubble, it is necessary to remove the spear before bonding.

3, when the bonding adhesive such as the amount is too small will shrink into the air when the adhesive.

4, inflatable cause the adhesive surface of the edge due to rapid evaporation of adhesive and white.

5, indoor temperature, humidity and other factors will have some impact on the bond.

6, before the adhesive fails completely cured by prolonged direct exposure to sunlight, acrylic products makes varying degrees of yellowing, it will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.

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