How to choose a suitable acrylic panels?

2021-03-25 14:40:50 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Lightbox product application in life more widely, and acrylic sheet used in the production of a light box in front of the light box store cards, led lights, billboards, etc. The above applications more. As a manufacturer of a class of materials designed light boxes, acrylic plate applications include light box design applications, sanitary products, there will be a little concerned. Currently on the market there are three main acrylic material. One is a professional acrylic plate used for cleaning utensils book, one is ordinary acrylic board material, there is a class acrylic composite panels.

Acrylic material is commonly referred to as "Plexiglas." Special surface finish acrylic plate more perfect health, wear the equivalent of aluminum, not easy to scratch rub hair, easy to clean. If by accident cause scratches the surface of the acrylic plate except grinding method and polishing agent can be corrected quickly layout. In addition, because the acrylic plate itself has a certain elasticity, surface cracking or chipping by the situation in certain less prone to collision.

In addition, special health acrylic plate has a strong corrosion resistance and light transmittance. Since the pigment can dissolve enter into the sheet, so its color is very stable, long subjected to light exposure and rain erosion situation is not prone to fade. Thus, in addition to special health acrylic panels for indoor and outdoor decoration, but also widely used in other industries, including applications in the material as a light box light box production.

Common acrylic panels due to its low hardness, heat resistance is weak, low elongation, it is easy to crack, brittle deformation, and color is unstable, in the case of the use of the process of scratch prone. Because of its shape extends generally larger arc of the bottom of the bathtub, it is prone to color changes, usually you can see the "White" bottom line, "yellow" and other discoloration.

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