Acrylic sheet application technology

2021-03-25 14:42:19 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

Acrylic technology and field of use:

Acrylic board is used for carving, decoration, handicraft manufacturing, extrusion type usually used for advertising signs, light boxes and other manufacturing. PMMA with light, inexpensive, easy to shape and so on. Its approach has cast molding, injection molding, machining, hot forming. Especially injection molding, can consume large quantities, process simple, low cost. Thus, it has become increasingly common application, which is currently widely used in instrumentation parts, auto lights, optical lenses, transparent pipe. In the construction industry, mainly used in lighting plexiglass body, roof, roof, stairs and interior wall plates, etc. In recent years, glass used in lighting and lampshades advanced highway roads and cars lamps have quite fast. With the big city restaurants, hotels and luxury residential construction, light body to carry out rapid, using plexiglass plate made of light body structure with a high overall strength, light weight, high transmittance and good safety performance and other characteristics, install compared with inorganic glass lighting, it has great advantages. In sanitary ware, glass can be produced bathtub, washbasin, dressing table and other products. Because of plexiglass bath has the appearance of luxury, a sense of depth, easy to clean, high strength, light weight and other characteristics of the use of warm, in recent years has been widely applied. Acrylic is the second ceramic sanitary ware can be made the best of the new information. Compared to conventional ceramic materials, acrylic addition comparable high light-givers, as well as the following advantages: good toughness, not damaged; repair strong, just use a soft foam dipped in toothpaste can be a new sanitary wipe; texture mild winter without feeling the biting cold; bright colors, to meet the different tastes of individual pursuit. Manufacture with acrylic basin, bathtub, toilet, only style compact, durable, and has environmental effects, radiation and radiation levels which the body's own bone is almost the same. Acrylic ware first appeared in the United States after 2008 has occupied more than 70% of the international market. Acrylic various fashion boutique, covered the bag, waist refining, watches, high heels, heels, hair accessories, brooches, bracelets, buttons, earrings, necklaces, rings, ornaments, picture frames, etc. Paperweight infinite varieties carried continuous space. Because acrylic materials processing high plasticity and good hardness and transparent glossy appearance, often used with a variety of different designer materials with applications in a variety of fine container design, texture and suitability Add a container, such as lipstick and and other fine chemicals, containers, other issues such as massage, jewelry boxes, fans and other daily necessities. Play acrylic material cool feel isolated creative design make acrylic materials were now successful in all kinds of fine prevailed.

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