How to choose high-quality acrylic sheet?

2021-03-25 14:43:28 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

In the ever-changing signboards acrylic sheet market position can be described as flourishing. Acrylic billboards with the appearance of new, diverse design, striking features, capital investment will allow customers to receive satisfactory returns, thus began to occupy an increasingly large billboard market share. Acrylic material superior performance, outstanding creative designers and manufacturers of sophisticated signs of making the perfect combination of technology, burst out of inspiration to become a reality in the present. So, specifically acrylic sheet is kind of how it?

First, let's look at what features acrylic sheet includes: 1. excellent weather resistance, 2 high surface hardness and surface gloss 3. good temperature resistance 4. excellent processing performance and easy processing and reasonable cost ; 5. waste 6. renewable chemical resistance, better than most other plastic materials; 7 easy to clean, maintain, make signs, light boxes look decades.

Whether you want to know what things are good or bad, acrylic sheet is no exception, we said above acrylic sheet waste material can be completely recycled, recycling, so-called low-grade sheet is manufactured with recycled MMA monomer acrylic plate, which is back plate, and the emergence of the back plate is because people do not know enough of recycled sheet and its overall low price, the regenerated acrylic plate in the domestic market also occupy a lot of space. However, as people gradually in-depth understanding of the acrylic material, recycled board living space will become increasingly smaller. Here we give you the difference or how to talk about the merits of acrylic sheet identification method:

1. Appearance: regeneration plate appearance yellowed from its cross section will be very obvious to see;

2. The surface is easy to scratch, we said from the above characteristics of acrylic sheet, you can understand it has excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, and regenerated version of the cutting will produce odor stimulation;

3. paint and ink sensitive, prone to crazing or cracking;

4. When burning blistering, issued smoke and pungent odor;

5. The long-term performance: high-quality acrylic board, usually made of high quality raw materials and unique formula production process, it has excellent long-term outdoor performance for light boxes, signs the application, expected service life of more than 10 years.

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