thick acrylic sheeet advantages

2021-03-25 14:45:01 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

1. Hardness: Hardness is the best embodiment of cast acrylic sheet production process parameters and technology, quality control is an important part. Hardness reflect raw mma purity, weather resistance and high temperature plate performance. Hardness directly affect whether the sheet will shrink bending deformation, the surface is cracked, etc. occur during processing. Hardness is one of the mandatory targets to judge good or bad quality acrylic sheet. Cast acrylic sheet imported materials having the same domestic product the highest hardness index. Darrow average hardness value of about 89 degrees.

2. Thickness Tolerance: Here is the thickness tolerances of the thickness of the acrylic sheet acrylic tolerance, this tolerance control is an important manifestation of quality control and production technology. Imported materials cast acrylic sheet acrylic thickness tolerance control within + 0.2mm.

3. Transparency / whiteness: strict election materials with advanced formula follow-up and modern production technology production, to ensure transparency and white sheet excellent degree. Flame polished crystal clear.


Excellent optical properties (transmittance intensity of 92%); high surface gloss, bright color, full, smooth, good hardness; chemical resistance; stability not easily deformed; complete product line, rich colors and a variety of different surface effect; stable physical properties (formability, plasticity); strong weather resistance, UV resistance, are not susceptible to oxidation (anti-high temperature deformation resistance to high temperature capability of 70 degrees, low of 50 degrees); green, waste material can be recycled use; excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance; easy to clean and maintain; outdoor 5--8 years will not fade, loss of light, do not open. Outstanding impact resistance, suitable for installation in relatively safe areas requiring installation. Their light weight, building objects and bracket withstand the load demand is low.

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