Acrylic toilet prospects, imperial ware large-scale expansion deposit risk

2021-03-25 14:21:08 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

The main products imperial ware including acrylic toilet, bathroom cabinet and bathtubs three categories. Among them, in the field of acrylic toilet, the company has certain influence. The company plans to raise the investment in the expansion project includes Alec toilet. However China net financial center noted, acrylic toilet market prospects, the company IPO prospectus for large-scale expansion, business is very great risk.

Imperial ware with acrylic as a selling point to the suspected "big flicker"

Imperial ware claiming to be "Chinese largest acrylic sanitary ware manufacturer", its high priced closestool also to "acrylic" as a selling point.

It is understood, acrylic is commonly known as acrylic and methacrylic chemicals, in fact is a kind of plastic, organic glass, early thermoplastics has been called the special treatment, but manufacturers, businessmen do not like to use "plastic". The CSRC disclosure IPO declaration information also showed, imperial ware industry is plastic furniture manufacturing industry.

At present, on the market of acrylic toilets are coated with a layer of colored acrylic material, interior materials is different. For example, Nancy acrylic toilet interior materials for ceramic, Nancy said only acrylic "coat" price for the entire toilet price 60%. While the emperor the toilet all use acrylic as base material, which is a substantial increase in the cost, but there is no obvious advantage in performance.

It is worth mentioning that, in the "bubble" before, imperial ware website for acrylic introduction "products with top material made by Japan, 100% Mitsubishi manufacturing acrylic materials", after the incident, the introduction has been changed to "the imperial ware quality acrylic, Mitsubishi Co raw materials and refined". Obviously the difference, "acrylic" as the imperial ware selling point, also be challenged as flicker "bright spot".

Acrylic toilet defects existing in market potential is very limited

In the sanitary ware industry, acrylic is the most used toilet bathtub, but not the most appropriate material, especially in the corners and contact surface.

Industry experts and brands are said, at present acrylic toilet still have defects. For example, easy to aging, low abrasion resistance, insufficient strength, bibulous rate is high, easy to dirt easily discoloration, and expensive than ceramic toilet. On the market of acrylic toilets in addition to rich color, modelling diversity can partly meet the demand for the appearance of the outside, no other advantage. Therefore, at present domestic and international bathroom brand not basic acrylic toilet.

It is understood, ceramic toilet toilet market occupy most of the market share, has been in a state of excess. While the acrylic toilet only as an expensive niche product, its market potential is very limited.

Imperial ware IPO EIA report shows, the company plans to raise 210000000 yuan, to invest in an annual output of 360000 units (sets) acrylic sanitary ware production capacity expansion project and acrylic sanitary ware marketing network expansion project. At present, production status, with an annual output of 100000 pieces, toilet, bathtub bathroom cabinet 80000 pieces of 25000 pieces, 10000 pieces of shower room, toilet production accounted for about 46.5%. According to the estimates of the proportion of acrylic toilet, new capacity will reach 167000 units. New capacity so much how to digest, a major problem is still.

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