Golden autumn bright, Jinbao champion

2021-09-03 13:54:05 JINAN JINBAO PLASTIC CO.,LTD Read

The hot August has passed, and the autumn wind is cool. September is coming, and there is still the last month of the third quarter.  


July and August are hot and hectic months.  Millions of people are living in fear of COVID-19.  Torrential rain, mountain fire and typhoon threaten our life all the time. In this severe moment, Jinbao team never flinch, still provide the most intimate service and the highest quality.  


Fortunately, the disaster will pass, the sun still rises.  In September, catastrophic weather conditions have finally been overcome, and people around the world are working hard to defeat the epidemic.  No one said to give up, the people of the world unite, the blue planet is still dazzling gorgeous!  


In early September, in order to boost morale, adjust mentality, reward excellent sales staff, to better posture to meet the September procurement festival, Jinan Jinbao plastic industry held a "golden autumn bright, Jinbao champion" September launch meeting.  


The kick-off meeting rewarded sales staff with outstanding performance in July and August, and invited outstanding staff to share their experience and ideas, which benefited many newcomers.  


Through this kick-off meeting, the morale was greatly encouraged, the cohesion of the whole team was improved, and all the staff became a rope, and the jinbao team was far ahead in the whole industry.  




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