Acrylic +LED new technology

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Acrylic +LED

New technology brings more possibilities

Lighting industry is LED industry, a little too. In recent years, with the rapid development of LED industry, this is more energy-saving, more stable, more expressive product represents the future development direction, and have gradually infiltrated into every field lighting.

Is remarkable from Guangya Exhibition Exhibition division this year: hold the exhibition in the Pazhou Complex of A, B two. Among them, B is almost a LED world, LED light source and lighting, LED substrate, LED driving and control, set up a special exhibition hall. Even the area A commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting and other areas, most of the brands are using LED as the leading products, showed the absolute trend.

New express reporter saw, this year's LED products in addition to technology is more stable, more energy saving products, and update the product design and development. The combination of LED and acrylic, convex mirror and other materials, to bring more possibilities for the light show. For example, Zhejiang crystal lighting introduced a lot of acrylic, LED and stainless steel or aluminum alloy mix of new products. Frosted acrylic soft light, metal cutting to create beauty. Lace lights a multi-layer acrylic and stainless steel with very romantic. Opple a ceiling lamp using acrylic material, the disc surface of a lamp is a piece of transparent acrylic, refractive point type laser. Do not turn on the lights, the disc is transparent, turn on the lights, colorful LED pearl let lamps futuristic. Another decorative lights from the brand to add "fish eye" effect in the LED lamp holder. The light passes through the convex mirror shine out through other light lamps, different combinations, can form a unique wall decoration.

The space with light display

Pay attention to solution

This year's show show from the new point of view, can feel, the lamp is a light source, the mix of products design, lighting, can create the atmosphere of space is not the same. This is the idea changes in lighting enterprises. Not only pay attention to sell products, pay more attention to the solution.

This theme more is also reflected in the product display mode. Highlight color of supermarket shelf display mode, outstanding art museum display lighting, highlight the exquisite costumes commercial space lighting lamps, by the combination of different selection, the different lights, create the atmosphere of space. This exhibition booth method in commercial lighting, this year to cover more areas, decorative lighting, professional lighting, and even outdoor lighting booth, also has been the prominent light effect display mode. In addition, many enterprises focus on the introduction of Home Furnishing space lighting solutions, space layout showing lights. For example, super lighting in addition to product the latest exhibition, the booth set up restaurants, the living room space, light arrangement; FSL enterprise Ming carpenter painted brand exhibition hall, display also has a kitchen, aisle Home Furnishing space by light, the audiences to attracting solutions.

The new idea of using light

Lighting can change the life

In the solution space of the reflected light, many enterprises bring prospective light concept for this year, space light bring new thinking. Designers attempt to light, changing people's Home Furnishing philosophy of life.

Acrylic plastic advertisement word production skills

Plastic ad character is also a light character, the board typically use acrylic sheet of plastic molding, then a combination of base and so into. Since 2005, the application and the development speed of acrylic plastic advertising words quickly. The "McDonald's" shop strokes plastic lamp application played a good role model.

Production of acrylic plastic light box advertising words and requires 4 points, after more than ten procedure:

The first is the selection. Acrylic sheet at home and see, the basic for the production of joint venture imports or, should say good sheet quality. Acrylic plastic light boxes that the market price is higher, the higher the price sheet is one of the main factors. Currently on the market of acrylic sheet prices generally in the 25-30 yuan / kg, not only the high cost, the whole sheet in the production process and utilization rate is not high, resulting in significant cost amortization.

The second is a mold making. Acrylic panel through a vacuum, suction pressure forming, even if the same word, different sizes also require different mold, and mold making itself requires high precision and good quality. Because the mold itself precision, quality is directly related to the quality of acrylic products, and mold making has a high level of technology, need experienced technical staff. Therefore, as mentioned before, on the market at present the plastic lamp has been higher price, mold processing should be said is one of the most important technology.

Third is the post production. As we mentioned before, now acrylic plastic production is the basic mechanical manufacture, the application of some new equipment to improve production efficiency at the same time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers. The basic form of acrylic plastic material, but also through the milling, engraving and milling, grinding and other processes with a few, and finally the laying of light boxes, paint to complete post production.

Fourth is the picture processing. According to the different needs of customers, directly through the screen printing; screen will be transferred to the acrylic sheet, after vacuum forming, figures, animal or commodity image picture, also plastic into a three-dimensional effect, so as to obtain the better propaganda effect.

Blister word production fees:

General advertising industry, the word plastic generally offer similar words, words such as titanium and iron, which is calculated according to the character of the horizontal or vertical to the long side, less than 1 meters per cm much quoted price, higher than 1 meters according to how much per square price.

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