1. JINBAO rigid pvc board price
  2. JINBAO rigid pvc board price
  3. JINBAO rigid pvc board price
  4. JINBAO rigid pvc board price

JINBAO rigid pvc board price

  • Color:white,dark grey,light grey ,blue,Ivory,etc
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JINBAO acrylic good performance when laser engrave, machine process

  1. Detailed information

rigid pvc board/sheet description 



 1220x2440mm, 1000x2000mm, 1500x3000mm, etc.



 1.8mm to 30mm



 max 2000mm



 any length



 1.4-1.85 g/cm3



 Polyvinylchloride (100% virgin)



 rigid PVC Sheet



 white,dark grey,light grey ,blue,Ivory,etc


all of our products are 100% virgin material, we gurantee 8-10 years.


  3mm rigid pvc

  rigid pvc sheet factory




 Rigid PVC board/sheet Applications 

1. Chemical storage vessels

2. Thanks and tank liners and fittings

3. Fume cupboards

4. Pump components

5. Electrical insulators

6. Liquid applications

7. Ducting . Acid tanks

8. Templates . Fabricated fittings

9. Waterfall inserts . Battery boxes




1. Excellent electrical insulating properties 

2. Very high chemical resistance

3. Moderate impact resistance and service temperature

4. Very good moisture resistance

5. Good dimensional stability

6. Bondable . self extinguishing 

7. Fairly inexpensive . good for machining 

8. Thermoformable

9. Excellent engineering plastic for welding


Packaging & Shipping


 1.one/two side pe film protect the pvc sheet.

2.paper corner protector to protect edge. 
3.with white belt tied. 
4.stick shipping mark. 
5.Pallet protection



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