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Newest Technology on Acrylic Mirror Sheet

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Jinbao Group, established in 1996, specializes in acrylic sheets and PVC foams for our customers. Our products are exported worldwide we are still moving forward in research and innovations. To provide products with our latest technology.

What is an acrylic mirror sheet?

Acrylic mirror sheet

Picture 1

An acrylic mirror sheet is used to manufacture acrylic mirrors. An acrylic mirror is the same usage as a glass mirror. It could be used in the bathroom, on the wall and your furniture, for example in our wardrobe. As a decoration too, but it is a bit different as displayed in picture 2.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet (Decoration)

Picture 2

Why produce acrylic mirrors?

Firstly, an acrylic mirror is light in weight as compared to a glass mirror, as it is made by an acrylic or polycarbonate sheet. It is only about the half weight of the glass mirror. As a result, it will be popular among customers, as it is easy and movable to change places.

Next, due to the material used an acrylic mirror is impact resistant. So it is a perfect choice for mirrors in schools, at home, etc. This acrylic material is easy to install and requires very little maintenance. Lastly, an acrylic mirror board is relatively cheaper than glass mirrors.

In conclusion, Jinbao Group is the top company in the industry. Provide short and long-term supplies of these products. We are certified with SGS, ISO, and CE. If you are interested, get a quotation now!

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