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Transparent Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet for Soundproofing

JINBAO is the China professional factory providehigh-quality 100% raw materialacrylic sheets,the best materials, the best products, and the best services. Best-selling in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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Product Description

  • JINBAO Acrylic, the best-selling acrylic around the world, the well-known brand acrylic, and the acrylic that is loved by customers. Campbell Acrylic, the choice of global customers.

  • JINBAO  all acrylic sheets are produced with 100% Mitsubishi raw materials, and transparence of clear sheets can reach 94% to 95%, higher than international standard 93%, there are no bad smells and black smoke when laser cutting. 

This is our factory normal size

Cast acryilic sheetNet size /mmThickness   rangeVymm: 1.5-300
1000*2000 1200*18001220*2440122x*1830 1250*182501270*1870
1220*24401220*24501240*24601280*2500  1290*25101300*2500
1320*2540   1500*30001560*25801830*2440  2000*30002050*3050

Frosted   acryiic sheetNet size /mmThickness rangeVymm: 2.2-20

Extrude   Acrylic sheetNet size /mmThickness rangeVymm: 0.8-20
1220*1830 1220*24402000*30002050*3050

Mirror   Acrylic sheetNet size /mmThickness rangeVymm: 0.8-6
1000*2000    1220*18301220*2440

Glitte/Marble   Acrylic sheetNet size /mmThickness rangeVymm: 2.3-30
580*1520  940*1540960*15601200*18201220*20401220*2440

we can make products size according customer requirement !

Technical Properties

Rockwell Hardness


Shear Strength


Tensile Strength


Yield Strength


Rupture Strength


Light Transmittance


Refractive Index


Heat Distortion Temperature


Thermal Forming Temperature


Coefficient of linear Thermal   Expansion


Dielectric Strength




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