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What is PVC Foam Broad & How Can We Use It in Interior Designing?

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Jinbao was established in 1996, we are specializing in premium acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards, at attractive prices. Currently, we have 35 production lines, that had a monthly output of 2,100 tons. Thus, we can supply you with the needed products.

PVC foam board is also known as Chevron board. They are very popular in indoor and outdoor applications. As the name suggests it is composed of Polyvinyl Chloride.

4mm pvc rigid

The PVC foam board is very lightweight as it is made from the lightest form of PVC. Furthermore, it is corrosion and moisture resistant. Hence, it can be used in places that are high in moisture or exposed to water.

Apart from interior design, the PVC is also widely used in furniture, building, and advertising as well. Darin produced black, white, marble, and wood-designed PVC boards, for you to choose your desired piece, of course to can purchase in bulks to investigate which is the popular one.

PVC boards went through engraved, embossed, printed, painted, and laminated so that, they can suit the interior design perfectly. PVC foam board’s color will not shade off, able to last for a very long period.

PVC foam board for interior designing

The PVC boards are non-toxic, affordable, and long-lasting. PVC can give you all kinds of interior design, classic, elegant, modern, etc. looks for you to choose from.

Furthermore, PVC foam boards do not contain wood, thus, no deforestation occurs when your company chooses PVC boards. Jinbao supplies superior PVC sheets for all our customers.

You can use PVC foam boards during:

·         Wall cladding

·         Partitions and Walls

·         Planking of floor of swimming pool

·         Outdoor and Indoor Décor

·         Architecture

·         Bathroom / Kitchen Cabinet

Benefits of the PVC foam board

1.     Moisture-proof & Mildew-proof & Heat-insulation

2.    Flame resistance & Self-extinguishing

3.    Minimal scratching

4.    Sound absorption

To sum up, Jinbao provides premium PVC foam boards for all our customers. We welcome all businesses from different industries, as well as distributors, wholesalers, and bulk purchasing. Contact us now!

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