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Wholasale Cheap High Transparency Customized 1-300mm Acrylic Sheet

JINBAO Acrylic use100% Virgin Lucite, Brand raw material, guarantee products quality.High-grade acrylic, very popular,big market.JINBAO acrylic sheet is guaranteed bySGScompany.Welcome inquiry!
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Product Description

Bathroom Attention With Usage Of Jinbao Acrylic

1.Acrylic sheet begins to soften at 101℃ , so cannot be used in more than 75℃ places.

2.The acrylic sheet surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum alloys. It should be protected in usage or processing. Once the surface has been scratched, wiping Tung oil can polish up the brilliance of the surface.        3.When there is static, the acrylic sheet is easy to attach dust. It can easily remove dust and achieve the cleaning effect by using a soft cloth dipped in soup 1% water. 

4.Acrylic heat expansion coefficient is very large. And its cold shrink equivalent to nine times than the metal. When temperature changes, it must take into account the acrylic sheet device and the expansion gap when fixed the sheet steady.

This is our factory normal size

Cast acryilic sheet Net size /mm Thickness   rangeVymm: 1.5-300
1000*2000  1200*1800 1220*2440 122x*1830  1250*18250 1270*1870
1220*2440 1220*2450 1240*2460 1280*2500   1290*2510 1300*2500
1320*2540    1500*3000 1560*2580 1830*2440   2000*3000 2050*3050

Frosted   acryiic sheet Net size /mm Thickness rangeVymm: 2.2-20
1200*2440 2000*3000

Extrude   Acrylic sheet Net size /mm Thickness rangeVymm: 0.8-20
1220*1830  1220*2440 2000*3000 2050*3050

Mirror   Acrylic sheet Net size /mm Thickness rangeVymm: 0.8-6
1000*2000     1220*1830 1220*2440

Glitte/Marble   Acrylic sheet Net size /mm Thickness rangeVymm: 2.3-30
580*1520   940*1540 960*1560 1200*1820 1220*2040 1220*2440

we can make products size according customer requirement!

Technical Properties

Rockwell Hardness


Shear Strength


Tensile Strength


Yield Strength


Rupture Strength


Light Transmittance


Refractive Index


Heat Distortion Temperature


Thermal Forming Temperature


Coefficient of linear Thermal   Expansion


Dielectric Strength





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