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9 Places you will need PVC Foam Board

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Jinbao Group is in Jinan, China, a company that specialized in PVC and acrylic sheets manufacturer. We provide quality products for our customers, consistently for 26 years. We welcome companies from different industries who need our products.

9 Places you will need PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board is a universal product that is widely used in several different applications in various industries. Due to the convenience, the materials are made and solidified by traditional methods. Which enables it to accept screen and digital printing.

These PVC Foam boards are available in a range of colors. Jinbao provides more than 200 colors that you can choose from, suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. The usage of PVC can be used to make signage and beer mats.

PVC foam boards

In the following, I will be introducing 9 places you will need PVC Foam boards:

Signage: Point-of-purchase (POP)

PVC foam is light in weight able to print the brand name. It is an ideal material for POP. PVC foam boards are used for both indoor and outdoor signage. Read 7 benefits for PVC foam board to find out more.

Bus / Car Ceilings

Surprising the internal ceiling of buses and cars are made of PVC foam boards. It provides durability, functional need. Lasting longer than genuine leather, PVC foam boards can seem like leather too. The price of PVC Foam is also attractive for businesses.

Kitchen Cabinets

PVC foam boards are the perfect material for kitchen cabinets. Due to its waterproof characteristic and our kitchen is a damp place. Thus, traditional wooden cabinets may become moldy, or even wood loses its natural structure and expand its shape.

Trade Show Booths

The PVC materials can provide a professional look, lightweight and cost-effective. The companies will choose them as their first choice as they can be easily designed with a unique look. This is to differentiate the different booths at the convention hall.

Partition Walls for Exhibitions

Due to the lightweight design, it is movable. Thus, PVC foam boards are widely used in exhibitions. When there is a change in exhibits arrangement, the PVC partition is transportable according to the need of the exhibition organizer.

Stage Prop Design

PVC foam board can be highly customized. It creates the best features for stage shows by prop designers. Furthermore, durability, colors, printability, and lightweight are the characteristics for it to be the first choice for set designers. Set designers can create life-size art without spending too much, and it is at a conducive weight.

Game Changer: Puzzle Mounts and Board Inserts

The PVC materials can be used as DIY materials for home and school projects. PVC properties are inexpensive and suitable for design crafting. PVC is also a material for board games or tray games. Or as containers for jigsaw puzzles, protecting and preventing from bending them.

Retail Shelves and Fixtures

High-quality PVC foam board is a wonderful, yet low-cost alternative for retail shelves and fixtures. Also, easily fabricated and printed upon PVC can be customized foam board shelves and fixtures to match a store’s existing decoration. Due to their low weight, they also offer convenient storage and transportability.

Photo Mounting

Also known as foam core mounting, photo mounting with PVC foam board is a popular technique used to prop up and support photos in frames, posters, and other pictures. Due to its lightweight and high durability, it is a perfect tool to reinforce visual displays.

All in all, Jinbao is a company you can trust its quality and service. We hope to have you with us on our journey. If you are interested in our products do not hesitate to get a quotation now.

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