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The top seller of frosted acrylic sheet

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We are Jinbao Group, a manufacturer specializing in all types of acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards. We sell in large quantities, accept wholesalers, and accept long-term partnerships. We are in the market since 1996, rich in experience, choosing Jinbao will never let you down.

What is the use of frosted acrylic sheets?

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

The acrylic frosted sheets are translucent, used to protect user privacy. Scenarios that semi-transparent acrylic sheets are used, for security, industry glaze, shower enclosure, skylight rooftop, and even marker board.

Benefits of the translucent acrylic sheet

  • Protect your privacy 

  • Reduce sun glaring

  • Filter the light

  • Scratch-resistance

  • Looks professional and elegant

Tips to choose the right Acrylic sheet your customer

If you are unable to figure out what your customer needs, a frosted/matt acrylic or just a clear one, ask them the following question.

  1. Did you need additional privacy?

  2. Is there lighting around?

  3. What kind of after-look do you want?

  4. Do you want a matt or glossy finishing?

Why Jinbao Group’s product?

We are providing high-end acrylic sheets that are high-quality, standardized can last you for decades. You can customize your matt-looked acrylic based on your needs and wants. We welcome long-term partnerships with companies that need our product. If you are interested, get a quotation now!

In a nutshell, Jinbao Group has been available since 1996, providing acrylic, PVC foam board, etc. We provide excellent service standards for our potential and current customers, giving them a sense of home. Working with Jinbao is a choice you will never regret.

About Us

Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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