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Top 3 Reasons to Use Acrylic Sheets for Windows ​

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Acrylic Sheets for Windows


Jinbao is an acrylic and PVC sheets manufacturer providing supplies for distributors, wholesalers, and construction companies. We provide quality products and services for all our customers.

Acrylic is also known as plexiglass, it is a flexible substance that comes in a range of colors and opacities. Which has a range of functions, it is famous for its use in pools, aquariums, and greenhouses.

Currently, acrylic sheets are supplied in different varieties of forms and thicknesses. Read on you will find out why acrylic is the best for you as manufacturers and your customers.

Eco and Pocket-Friendly

If you are a cost-conscious business owner or consumer, choose acrylic sheets as your first choice as it is an economical conservative alternative to glass, which is much lighter than glass.

Safety and Strength

Acrylic is proven to be 17 times more impact resistant than traditional glass. This means you need a lot more force to shatter acrylic than glass. When you choose acrylic sheeting as your window panes. Your customers do not need to worry about somebody getting injured if the pane shatters.


Acrylic sheets came in different textures, including matt finishing, frosted, and wavey surface acrylic. These types of acrylics provide more privacy, as the translucent functions. Jinbao also provides high transparent acrylic sheets which are crystal clear transparent.

Light Transmission

Jinbao Plexiglass sheets can pass 94% light transmission, without discoloring and no matter the thickness of the acrylic sheet the transparency remains the same. Thus, it is the best solution for windows, with long durable, versatile, and economically sound alternatives to glass.

In summary, Jinbao is the best acrylic supplier in China, providing your needed quantity and quality of acrylic and PVC sheets, contact us for further information now.

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