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6 Reasons to choose Jinbao's acrylic for your greenhouse

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6 Reasons to choose Jinbao’s acrylic for your greenhouse

Jinbao Group is in Jinan a beautiful Spring City, in the province of Shandong. We are in the plastic industry since 1996. Our mission is to achieve customers externally, achieve employees internally. We strive to be the benchmark in the industry, providing excellent customers care and services.


  1. High Light Transmission for Growth Result

    The acrylic sheet can transmit 91% of photosynthetically range into the greenhouse. Jinbao visibility is as high as 94%, which is much higher than the normal acrylic clarity. Therefore, during winter sunlight is priceless, but with high penetration. The greens can get enough sunlight.

    These fantastic conditions, provide a natural growing condition and promotes the growth vigorously and vibrant color. Furthermore, it may shorten the maturity timing, with increases your profits.

  2. Never turns yellow

    Jinbao’s acrylic sheets will never turn yellow. Yellowish is normally formed due to sunlight shining on the surface. But Jinbao’s acrylic is 100% natural acrylic without any residue. As a result, it will not turn yellowish.

  3. Protect from Hail

    Acrylic is impact resistant, so there is no need for you to worry about the poor weather conditions, including hail and acid rain. With the protection of acrylic hail will never hit your crops or plants, as Jinbao’s acrylic Rockwell Hardness M-100. Furthermore, due to the compound structure, it is chemical resistant, thus, acid rain will not spoil the acrylic’s surface.

  4. Thermal Insulator

    Acrylic is proven that it is 3 to 8 times more thermally insulating than regular glass. Meaning that your greenhouse is warmer during winter so that your plants or crops will not die due to coldness. On the other hand, it is cooler during summer too.

  5. Strength and durability

    Same as what is mentioned in the third point, it is Rockwell Hardness M-100. Thus, it can hold different kinds of weather conditions. No matter, sunny or rainy, Jinbao’s acrylic sheet will help to protect your business.

  6. Environmental Stability

    As compared with polystyrene and polyethylene, acrylic is recommended for most outdoor usage, as it is comparability environmental stability. Furthermore, Jinbao’s manufacturing has certified facilities to eliminate the harmful chemicals used in acrylic sheets. Our products are certified

In a nutshell, Jinbao provides excellent quality acrylic, PVC plastic, catering to all industries. We hope to have you on our journey, to meet our business goals. If you are interested in our product, please leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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