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Choose acrylic sheet as your Home Décor

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Choose acrylic as your Home Décor

Jinbao is a company manufacturing acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards established in 1996 and started exporting our products in 2007. Our customers are mainly manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, we supply them with high-quality raw materials. For most companies, we are working with them for the long term. We also welcome all types of businesses.

Benefits of Acrylic Home Décor

  • More valuable for your customers, yet you can also earn an attractive profit throughout the process.

  • More durable – 17 times more impact resistance than glass

  • With a unique design, the customers can do DIY with the products

Picture Frame

Example of Large Acrylic Frame

Large Wall Frames can be expensive for both you as wholesalers and your customers. Instead of paying more for a wooden frame with a glass that is prone to shatter. Choose Jinbao Acrylic, you can overcome this problem. Transparent acrylic sheet will be your first choice, as it is as high in transmission as glass. Furthermore, it is lighter in weight and more durable than glass.

With just a large piece of the acrylic sheet, you can decorate your customer’s home lovely. If you are a manufacturer, choose Jinbao too. You can add more décor to the clear acrylic to improve its creativeness and charge a high price for the creation.

Wall Shelves

Example of Acylic Shelves

Shelves made of acrylic sheets will last for a more durable than plywood or glass. Glass shelves can be dangerous and brittle. Acrylic shelves can give you the same appearance and are available in more designs. 

Its designability is much higher than glass, so manufacturers do not hesitate to try it out. Furthermore, it is easier to install and more cost-effective as it reduces the chance of breakage.

Last but not least, I would like to say it is a profitable project, no matter which industry you are working in. The acrylic industry is still in continuous growth. We can derive that there will be an expansion and increasing need for acrylic sheets in the next 5-10 years.

In conclusion, Jinbao is a company you will never want to miss. We provide high-quality and lasting products. We had wonderful teams of experts to serve you along the process of choosing your product or even customizing your design. Our products are used widely worldwide, with positive feedback.

About Us

Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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