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What is a Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheet?

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Jinbao was established in 1996 in Shandong, China. We are specialized in acrylic plastic sheets and PVC foam boards. We have years of experience in exporting our plastic products worldwide.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Extruded acrylic and Cast acrylic sheets are different. In short, they are two different manufacturing production processes. Cast acrylic is manufactured starting with MMA (Methyl Methacrylate Monomer) liquid is pumped into a mold. The monomer was then submerged in warm water. This process is called polymerization.

After the process, the rigid acrylic sheet is changed chemically to PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate), which is already acrylic or plexiglass. Furthermore, cast acrylic tends to have a variety of thicknesses, which you can choose. The finished acrylic sheet surface will be very smooth. It is molded with two pieces of glass.

Next up, the normal color of the cast acrylic is transparent, but during the process when it is still MMA, we can add a tint to change the color. Jinbao provides 200 colors and shades of pigments, allowing you to choose.

Choose your color

For your information, the process of the formation of PMMA is tough. Thus, cutting with a saw produces a clean cut, and stacked cutting (multiple cutting) is allowed. It will not cause fuse or weld together.

In addition, when cutting cast acrylic sheets with a laser produce a smooth and polished edge. It can reduce the time used to polish the transparent plexiglass edges. Furthermore, clear cast acrylic is more pliable than an extruded acrylic sheet when the hot wireline is bending, hanging, or vacuuming.

Jinbao provides a variety of thicknesses for cast acrylic ranging from 1.5mm to 300mm. We can customize the size of the clear cast acrylic plastic, especially for you, according to your needs.

In conclusion, Jinbao’s acrylic quality will never let you down. We welcome all businesses from different industries. As long as you have the need, we are here for you. If you are interested drop us a message.

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