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The hardness of Acrylic Plastic Theory

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Hardness: Key Parameter for Applications of Acrylic Sheets

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Jinbao is a company with 26 years of experience in the plastic industry, selling solely acrylic plastic sheets and PVC foam boards. We provide high-quality products at attractive prices.

Acrylic sheet hardness is a very critical parameter for applications. Acrylic plastic hardness measures the resistance of plastic to penetrate through harder materials, but this is not practical. Examples would be metals, ceramics, and glass - all materials that are harder than plastics.

Acrylic sheet is crucial to creating the devices, consumer goods, or other industrial parts we rely on every day. These become evident when considering how it affects the cosmetic effects such as scratches or loss of shiny surfaces arising from two materials rubbing together. Alternatively, one can consider wear from moving parts.

How Is it Measured?

Several scales measure the hardness of two materials by trying to replicate what's happening when you scratch or rub them together. These scales give you a relative ranking of how hard each one is so you can make more informed decisions about your material sourcing needs. There is no underlying theory for how they work. Two scales are frequently used:

  • Rockwell E, Rockwell M & Rockwell R, generally chosen to test harder plastics (PA, PC, PS...)

  • Shore A, Shore D Hardness Scale, often preferred for rubbers/elastomers and softer plastics (PP, PE, PVC...)

However, in this article, we focus on Rockwell M targeting acrylic sheets (PMMA). All Jinbao acrylic is Rockwell M-100. Which is considered very hard in the acrylic sheet range of 70 to 105.

This acrylic hardness allows you to use it in construction, the infrastructure of buildings, interior designs, etc. For example, acrylic pools, acrylic windows, and highway sound barriers.

All in all, do find out more about our acrylic plastic sheet, we are looking forward to serving you. Jinbao is a leading company in the acrylic plastic industry, where you will never regret working. We hope to have you on board our journey. Get a quotation now.

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