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How to choose the thickness of the acrylic board?

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How to choose the thickness of the acrylic board?


As retailers, and distributors you may wonder, how to choose the perfect thickness of acrylic or plastic board for your customer's project. Jinbao is one of the largest plastic manufacturers and suppliers in China. We provide premium quality acrylic and PVC sheet at attractive prices.

The thickness of the sheets always depends on the application.

Interior Designs

For glazing properties, we would like to recommend choosing the same thickness of acrylic sheets. This application includes glazing for garden sheds, photo frames, and an additional layer of windows.

Maintaining the same thickness is to assure a good fit into the structure. Furthermore, it is beneficial as you have opted for a higher impact-resistant, acrylic sheet.


If you are in the construction industry, Jinbao also welcomes you to partner with us, our acrylic sheets can be used in buildings. However, in this case, you will need much thicker acrylic sheets.

If you are not sure about it, then choose the transparent acrylic sheets that are thicker than 1mm. Depending on the needed strength its recommended thickness is between 2 – 6 mm.

For more specific thickness, you are welcome to contact our consultant experts.

Aquarium or windshield

In these applications, choose cast acrylic sheets no thinner than 6mm! This is due to the strong impact underwater as well as to blocking the strong wind.

Thus, choosing thicker cast acrylic sheets is the starting point for this recommendation from a pure safety aspect. Cast acrylic sheets are the best solution for these projects.

For windshields with a sheet width of 1m, we highly recommend a thickness of 8mm, and for every 50cm wider, the sheet thickness needs to increase by 1mm. For more specific advice please contact us.

For aquariums, it is crucial to calculate the required sheet thickness specifically. As wrong calculations may lead to consequential damages, for example, leakages, and associated damage. So, we suggest being extra thicker for aquariums. Contact us for detailed suggestions and information now!

In conclusion, Jinbao will be the choice you never regret. We welcome long-term partnerships, there is no need for you to worry about the supplies. We have 3 manufacturing factories, with 35 production lines at a production of 2,100 tons per month.

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