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How to use acrylic panels or sheets to improve your home?

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How to use acrylic panels or sheets to improve your home?

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Discover more uses of acrylic sheets and panels with Jinbao, a leading brand in China producing 2100 tons of acrylic sheets per month, with 35 acrylic sheet production lines. Wholesalers, construction companies, and interior designing companies, you will need our supply of the best acrylics.

With our products, you can expand your business line with interior design. To upgrade your client’s home, you can use acrylic as decorations. The followings are some methods to use an transparent or colored acrylic sheet for homes.

Home improvement

Advantages of acrylic sheets for home improvement and upgrades:

  • Easy to install

Acrylic can be installed easily; it will not need a long time to set up.

  • Come in a variety of finishing

Different types of acrylics can provide different finishing. If you want more privacy frost acrylic will give you translucent matt finishing. Or if you want your home to look or feel bigger, mirror acrylic will be the best for you as it gives you visual enhancement.

  • Substitute for glass

It had a high transmission and was 17 times more impact resistant as compared to glass. Furthermore, it is half weight less than glass.

Kitchen Backsplash

Add a piece of acrylic onto the kitchen walls, especially for the basing area. You can choose transparent acrylic or even colored acrylic. It will effectively reduce your time cleaning greasiness, and dirt can be wiped off the acrylic sheets.

Glass Cabinet

It’s time to change your old glass and wooden cabinet doors in your kitchen or bathroom. Replace them with acrylic, as it is waterproof and more durable. Jinbao provides marble, matt, and wooden look finishing.

All in all, Jinbao is a company with rich experience in producing plastic raw materials, not just acrylics. Jinbao was established in 1996, and we had 15 years of experience in exporting our products worldwide. If you are interested, do not hesitate drop us a message now!

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Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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