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Ranking 1st Acrylic Sheets only at Jinbao Group

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Ranking 1st Acrylic Sheets only at Jinbao Group

Is your company thinking of bulk purchasing acrylic sheets for construction sites? If so, look at Jinbao’s acrylic sheets. We are specializing in cast acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards. With wonderful quality in its hardness, transmission, weight, etc. We provide a wide range of variety of thicknesses.


It is multiple harder and impact resistant than glass, thus making it the perfect choice for places for example schools, restaurants, shopping centers, attractions, etc. Jinbao Cast acrylic sheets reach Rockwell Hardness Testing for Plastic M-100, which is considered a very safe grade of hardness for buildings, etc.

Why is the hardness of acrylic so important?

Especially for schools, attractions, homes, shopping centers, etc. choosing glass is a big mistake if anything happening example something hit the glass, it may not break but it might shatter. It cost you more to change a brand-new piece of glass.

It was an accident that writer had personally experienced and like to share with you all. That is summer, writer is still schooling but having an internship outside school, I worked in a departmental store at a beauty counter. We had a downward opening cabinet; I was not used to the cabinet and did not push it hard to lock the cabinet. The cabinet hit on my colleague, and although didn’t cause a big injury no blood was seen. But the glass shattered. This is a safety hazard that needs to be well taken care of.

Thus, by choosing acrylic sheets, it can effectively eliminate these accidents from happening. And prevent these safety hazards from happening. Furthermore, it takes time to get the shattered glass repaired with a new piece, consider in such a store. It needs to look nice to draw customers in.


Why choose glass, it is because of the clarity and transmission. If so, a better choice of acrylic sheets will you consider about it? As it is obvious that we need thicker acrylic sheets or glass to hold the construction building, especially aquariums, zoo enclosures, and water features. As when the water reaches a certain deepness, there is underwater pressure. Which may cause breakage when the glass is unable to hold the water.

Thus, construction companies, if you are planning for aquariums or pools with acrylic check with us the required thickness of the acrylic sheets. In buildings you are professional, but for plastics we are professional. You can very welcome to send us your inquiries.

Linking back to the topic of transmission, if you need a thicker piece of glass, the thickness will affect the transparency of the glass. But an amazing acrylic sheet can reach up to 90% of transmission when it was very thick. Thus, it is a perfect choice for these attractions.

Why is important to have a high transmission?

Especially applied to speculation purposes, if you are watching marine life swimming do want to look through clearly. I think the answer is definite. Thus, choose acrylic sheets for your customers’ projects when it comes to speculating attraction.


Compared to glass, a piece of acrylic sheet is less than half the weight of glass, with the same properties as waterproof, etc. Because of its lightweight characteristics, it is also a perfect choice for homes. Currently, acrylic sheets come in different features, now we have acrylic bathtubs, and acrylic mirrors.

Jinbao also supplies these types of materials if you are interested to manufacture these kinds of products Jinbao will be your first choice. All our acrylic products are made of 100% virgin acrylic that is premium in quality and priced at reasonable prices.

To conclude, Jinbao is a professional plastic supplier and manufacturer, providing excellent services, and products. We have 3 factories producing acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards, with 35 production lines, at a monthly output of 2,100 tons per month. Choosing to partner with us will be a double-wining situation. If you are interested, do not hesitate, to drop us a message now!

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