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Why is beneficial to partner with Jinbao Group as a Global Agent?

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Why is beneficial to partner with Jinbao Group as a Global Agent?


Intro of Jinbao Group

Before we get started, let me introduce our company, Jinbao Group. We are specializing in plastic sheet production, including PVC foam boards, acrylic sheets, etc. We have been in the market for 26 years, and we adopt a systematic building, step-by-step growth. The whole company stays one-hearted, to survive focuses on quality, and develops its needs the latest technology, innovation, and integrity.

Currently, Jinbao has three factories in China, it consists of 35 production lines. Monthly output is at 2,100 tons, we are specializing in exporting our products. We have our exporting channel to deliver your goods.

The benefit of Becoming a Jinbao Global Agent

1.     Area Protection*

You will be the only agent of Jinbao Plastic in your country, without direct competitors. This will effectively minimize the competition between you and other agents.

*Term and Conditions apply, contact us now, to find out more about it!

2.    Discounted rate

You will be getting a discounted rate for all Jinbao plastic sheets, which is much lower than regular customers. Of course, for larger quantities orders, discounts will be also greater too.

3.    Allocating a special production channel

Jinbao will be arranging prioritized ordering, and production, for future sales endorsement. To support you to build up your local market. And to achieve a double-winning situation.

4.    Low investment, low risk

There is no need for you to make an order with Jinbao before having customers. You only need to take action when everything is ready customers are confirmed making the order. That is the time to notify us to process the order.

5.     High profit

You can set your price, but no lower than Jinbao’s bottom price. The higher the price set, equaling to the better revenue you will be receiving. However, the price of Jinbao products needs to be reasonable.

In a nutshell, becoming Jinbao’s global agent is a wonderful business, to earn a profit, with minimal input and risk. Jinbao plastic will be also supporting you with the required professional knowledge and excellent after-sales support. Feel free to contact us now, for further information on how to become a global agent.

About Us

Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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