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The difference between Acrylic Sheet and the PVC Sheet?

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The difference between Acrylic Sheet and the PVC Sheet?

PVC vs Acrylic

Jinbao was established in 1996, we are specializing in acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards. We have 15 years of exporting experience, our products are widely used worldwide.

There are certain differences between acrylic and PVC. When using, you can choose according to the actual situation. Jinbao provides both materials of premium quality. Let’s find out more about it.

First, the difference between acrylic and PVC sheet

1. From the perspective of environmental protection, there is a slight difference between the two. The degree of environmental protection of acrylic will be better than that of PVC because some substances that are harmful to the human body will not be added to it. Although plasticizers may be added Jinbao will choose a plasticizer with better environmental protection.

2. The color of the two is also different. The color of PVC will be slightly yellow because it is proven to decompose during the process of production. In addition, the stability is relatively poor, as compared with the same color acrylic sheets.

3. The burning smell of the two is also different. Acrylic has no smoke during the burning process, but there will be a certain alcohol smell, and the flame is yellow. During the burning process of PVC, white smoke will be produced, and there will be a certain smell of hydrochloric acid. The flame is not yellow, but green.

4. The voices of the two are also different. If you tap with your hand, the sound you hear when you tap acrylic is more pleasing, while the sound you hear when you tap PVC is dull.

Second, what material is acrylic

Acrylic can also be called plexiglass. It is a plastic polymer material. It has 94% transparency on the surface for Jinbao’s acrylic, and its performance is relatively stable. It is very easy to process. It also looks more prestige, furthermore, it can be widely used in the construction industry.

Third, what material is PVC

PVC is a plastic product, and it is mainly divided into soft and hard. From the price point of view, it is relatively cheap and has a variety of appearances. Which can be widely used in the current industry, electronics, etc. Among them, the scope of use is also relatively wide.

In a nutshell, choose acrylic or PVC sheet depending on your needs and want, there is no comparison between the both of them. Jinbao will be your first choice, choosing Jinbao will provide you with a wonderful experience. All our consultants are well trained by the company, they can answer all your inquiries. So, do not hesitate to leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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