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Tips for acrylic home furniture ​

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Tips for acrylic home furniture

Jinbao was established in 1996, manufacturing superior acrylic sheets. We had exported our supplies worldwide, starting 15 years ago. We welcome bulk purchases, long-term distribution, and all types of partnerships.

We had three factories manufacturing acrylic sheets and PVC plastic sheets. Jinbao had 35 production lines, currently, our monthly production is about 2,100 tons. We are able to supply enough acrylic sheets for your business needs.


Home Furniture - Advantages of using acrylic for furniture:

·         Cost-effective

·         Could be molded into shapes that you want

·         Simple to DIY

·         Can be cut easily

Coffee or End Table

Safe choice as compared to glass tables, tables that are made of acrylic last better than again wear and tear. Furthermore, acrylic sheets are 17 times more resistant than glass. Acrylic can be easily molded, so DIY projects are great for creating acrylic tea tables and top tables.

Bed frames

Bed frames made from acrylic sheets are much more durable than wooden ones. Since acrylic sheets can be simply cut, you can DIY and customized bed frames, by doing this you can cut down on cost.

In conclusion, Jinbao is the number one acrylic and PVC broad manufacturer. All our products are excellent in quality. We hope to have you with us, to get our journey, and to meet your business achievements with our raw materials – acrylic and PVC sheets. Contact us for more information!

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Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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