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Which is a better canopy, Acrylic Sheet or Polycarbonate Sheet?

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Which is a better canopy, Acrylic Sheet or Polycarbonate Sheet?

Jinbao was established in 1996, we specialized in acrylic, PVC, and Polycarbonate sheets. We are one of the leading brands in China. Currently, we are partnering with international companies. We have 3 factories with 35 production lines, producing 2,100 tons monthly. We can supply you with all quantity you need.

Firstly, we need to know which material is better to be used as a shed. So that, we can consider all the aspects including the practical application before making the decision.

Some of the similarities

  •  Both materials are durable

  • With not turn yellowish

  • Shatter resistance

  • Impact resistance

  • Fire resistance

  • Weather resistance

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet

The transparent polycarbonate sheet is made of polycarbonate particles. The transparency is above 91%. It is easy to maintain. You can customize your size, and we provide a range of thicknesses. It is as durable as an acrylic sheet.  UV coating can be done during the process. According to the Typical Hardness Rockwell M, Polycarbonate hardness is 70 – 95.

Cast Acrylic Canopy


It is also known as a plexiglass shed. Jinbao’s have cast acrylic canopy with a high light transmittance which reached 94%. It is easy to clean and maintain. During the production, an anti-UV coating will be sprayed onto the surface of the plexiglass. This will reduce the UV damage to the surface of our acrylic. According to the Typical Hardness Rockwell M, Acrylic hardness is 105.

To wrap it up, both of the materials hold a high transmission. There was a slight difference in the hardness between acrylic and polycarbonate. Acrylic sheet stands out for its hardness. You can choose these two materials freely. They are all a great choice depending on your personal preference.

In conclusion, Jinbao provides A+ grade acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. We provide consistent service standards and product quality. With 15 years of rich experience in exporting our materials worldwide.  Jinbao will be the first choice for you. Contact us now!

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Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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