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Why PVC boards are better than Plywood?

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Why PVC boards are better than Plywood?

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Jinbao was established in 1996, specializing in manufacturing acrylic sheets and PVC foam boards. Currently, we are supplying over products to over 50 countries worldwide.

PVC Board and Plywood are widely used for making cabinets and other furniture in your house or office. They are mostly used in the kitchen, and bathroom when re-renovation.

Although they have an equal role and play an important part in the renovation and remodeling work. However, PVC boards are broadly used compared to plywood.

Before I start on today’s topic, let me share about what is PVC foam boards. The chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride. Its chemical properties are stable and corrosion-resistant. It wouldn’t react to acid or alkali.  

There are certain reasons why. Let me share it with you!

Features that make PVC boards a better choice:

  1. Moisture-proof & Mildew-proof & Heat-insulation

    As we know the kitchen area is exposed to moisture and heat. Thus, under these circumstances, plywood is not the perfect choice to sustain the two conditions. If you and your customer are looking for longevity and durability in the material for your cabinet or other furniture, then PVC will be a perfect choice.

  2. Sound absorption

    This is more for interior designing, if you want to barrier out a study room, these PVC materials will be your customer’s best choice.

  3. Flame resistance & Self-extinguishing

    As these PVC materials are widely used in the kitchen, flame resistance is also an important aspect. If the kitchen cabinet caught fire, it will not be flammable, and the material will self-extinguished. Thus, it is much better than plywood.

  4. PVC does not need to be polished

    PVC never needs to be polished before installation. Whereas plywood needs to be polished during and after installation.

In conclusion, Jinbao will be the best choice to work with. We hope to have you on board our journey. If you have any inquiries, kindly contact us now!

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