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5 Ways to Cut Acrylic Sheets

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5 Ways to Cut Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheet

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Today, I’m going to share ways to cut your acrylic sheets and prepare them ready for manufacturing.


1.        Hand Saw

It is not recommended for large production, as it is low at productivity and more employees needed, strength is needed too. It is suitable for use at home, however, it requires more concentration and effort than using an electrical saw, such as a jigsaw or band saw.  


Tools needed:

·         Fine-tooth hand saw, avoid jagged edges

·         Ruler and marker

·         Solid, flat cutting surface

·         Clamp (optional)


The Process:

1)        Begin by drawing a guide for yourself with a marker on the acrylic sheet surface. Straight lines will be the easiest to cut surface.

2)       Clamp your acrylic sheet into place (or weigh it down one end to help stabilize the material).

3)       Finally, begin to cut, choose the right tool, a fine-tooth hacksaw. Avoid using a wood saw most likely you will damage the acrylic sheet.


2.       Score and Break

Scoring and breaking your acrylic sheets are a relatively quick and hassle-free way to cut plexiglass to the desired size.


Note: This method should only be used on acrylic under 5mm.



·         Ruler/straight edge and marker pen

·         Scoring knife

·         Solid, flat cutting surface

·         Clamp (optional)


The Process:

1)        Marked the area you want to cut, then secure the acrylic sheet to the cutting surface.

2)       Next, use a ruler as a guide to run the scoring knife a few times along the acrylic sheet surface to create a narrow groove.

3)       Place the edge you want to remove on the edge of the flat surface and push the overhanging edge down quickly.


3.       Jigsaw

Using a jigsaw is more beneficial than the previous two options. It is more productive and requires less concentration. With an electric saw, you can create more intricate cuts as it’s easier to manipulate your tools.


·         Safety Glasses

·         Flat working surface

·         Ruler/Straight edge and marker

·         Jigsaw with fine tooth blade

·         Clamps (Optional)


The Process

1)        With the jigsaw machine, you can cut a straight edge or even opt for a freehand curve to create a circular piece of acrylic.

2)       Clamp into the place and wear your safety goggles to protect yourself from plastic particles during the cutting process.

3)       Clamping and lock the clamp properly, to prevent the acrylic sheets from vibrating vigorously and moving around.

4)      When using the electric saw, cut through quickly, as the excess heat may cause bending and curve of the acrylic edges.


4.       Bandsaw

Bandsaws are typical quite a large machinery that you will normally find in workshops or factories.


·         Marker Pen

·         Safety goggles

·         Bandsaw


The Process:

1)        Mark your needed area on your acrylic sheet before cutting. Some advanced bandsaws will avoid this step.

2)       Wear your safety goggles before turning on the bandsaw and begin passing the acrylic sheet through the blade. There is a range of different blade widths for band saws – choose the blade depending on the thickness and desired shape.


5.       Laser Cutting

This is the final way for cutting acrylic sheets are reserved primarily for intricate shapes and complex designs that need to be machined precisely. Laser cutters use a CAD program where the dimensions and designs are recorded into a computer that controls and operates the laser or CNC router.


In conclusion, Jinbao is a powerful acrylic and PVC sheets supplying company owning three factories, which consists of 35 lines of production. At a production of 2,100 tons per month, we can supply your needed quantity. Contact us now for the latest quotation.

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