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Why Jinbao Acrylic Sheet?

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Why Jinbao Acrylic Sheet?

Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Jinbao group is one of the leading brands in China, we have three factory outlets to produce acrylic sheets and PVC foam board. We are very experienced in exporting acrylic sheets worldwide. All our products are high in quality and at an attractive price.

We have more than 35 acrylic production lines, with a monthly output of 2100 tons. If you choose to work with us, we can confirm your needed supply is available for your business. We had many long-term partners worldwide. We welcome you aboard to achieve a win-win situation.

We guarantee that all our products are consistently high in quality, our products have received SGS certificate, CE, ISO, and are members of IAF.

Jinbao provides different types of acrylics, including cast acrylic sheets, extruded acrylic sheets, PVC foam board, frosted acrylic, mirror acrylic, bathtub acrylic, etc.

The following will show you some data on the size and thickness of our top product:

Popular sizes of acrylic

These are some popular sizes we provide. You can also customize it according to your needs.

Get a quotation now! Jinbao is a brand you will never regret working with. We are looking forward to receiving your message.

About Us

Jinbao Group was established in 1996 and its head office is located in the beautiful spring city-Jinan, Shandong province.

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