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A video on how cast acrylic sheets produce.

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A video on how cast acrylic sheets produce.

Jinbao specialized in the production of cast acrylic sheets, we provide premium quality supplies for all industries that need our products. Currently, we have 35 production lines, with a monthly output of 2,100 tons. Thus, we can supply all your needed quantities.

Firstly, we seal one side of the molds. Air pipes blow away the particles and dirt. Next, align the second piece of glass with the first piece. Secure them well, before proceeding to the next step.

Secondly, filling in the MMA compound, the whole process with change the chemical compound into a solid state. And from PMMA, this process makes the acrylic quality strong, long-lasting, and good in transparency for the transparent acrylic sheet.

The two smooth and even glasses can ensure the end product, the cast acrylic sheet will be also nice and even. Then the MMA and the glass mold will go under great pressure. Which removes the excess air and bubbles, making them into the needed thickness.

The process still goes on, the cast acrylic sheets will need to go through the boiling process in the water. Followed by high-temperature steam and arrange for natural drying.

Finally, remove from the glass molds, our cast acrylic sheet is successfully produced. And ending with pasting the cover PE/paper film to ensure the surface of the cast acrylic sheet is well protected.

(Jinbao provides over 200 colors of the casted acrylic sheet the color is added in this stage of the process when acrylic is still as MMA compound, all colored acrylic sheets are cast acrylic)

In a nutshell, Jinbao provides premium acrylic and PVC sheets. We welcome all kinds of partnerships. Get your quotations now!

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