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The difference between manufacturing plastic and acrylic furniture

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Jinbao was established in 1996, we provide superior quality acrylic and PVC boards at attractive pricing. During the years of development, we can say that we are one of the top companies in the market.

Are you trying hard to manufacture following the trends? Let me introduce you to acrylic sheets. It is a misconception that acrylic is the same as plastic, although acrylic is a type of plastic, acrylic sheets are strong and durable.

With a lot of options available in the market, including the acrylic chair, it is no surprise that customers misunderstand the difference between the two types of products. Each type of chair goes through a different production process and the different raw material is used.

Acrylic sheets produced by Jinbao can last you at least 10 years. Our cast acrylic is 18x impact resistant than glass. The transmission of acrylic sheets can reach 94%. Choosing Jinbao acrylic sheets as raw materials, you will never regret.

To conclude, Jinbao is a trustable brand, that has a lot of partners worldwide. We have 35 production lines, to support your supple need. Contact us now, for a free quotation!

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